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Posted by [ISS] Ian Spillane on 10 June 2014 04:57 PM

DCU Systems Sign-In page

ISS are delighted to announce the launch of the DCU Systems Sign-In page.Quicklinks

This page contains links in one location to the most common DCU staff and student systems such as DCU Apps, Moodle, Core, Agresso etc. Rather than using a number of bookmarks to get to the required page, you can now find them all in the one easily accessible link. The links are already available throughout the DCU website but this page brings them together for ease of access.

The address for the DCU systems sign-in page is
You can also reset your DCU account password through the password reset link on the page. This page can also be accessed directly with the address
Please note:
  • You will still be able to access the systems through the existing links that you have saved on your computer.
  • If the DCU system you are trying to access is only accessible through a particular web-browser, you will still need to open in that browser before clicking on the link. 
  • You are still required to login with the appropriate credentials for the particular system that you are accessing. If you are not already setup on the system you are trying to acess, you will not be able to login.


Please note that we are evaluating feedback from the recent survey which is still available from the following link;