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Posted by [ISS] Ian Spillane on 24 September 2013 12:15 PM
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ISS wish to say a sincere thank you to everyone who has voluntarily migrated to the new DCU Apps e-mail system over the summer.
We have all been using e-mail in the same way in DCU and the linked colleges since 2000.
The introduction of this new system is challenging us all to embrace change and we're delighted to say that we are meeting the challenge.

What Staff Think of DCU Apps E-mail

A survey of those already migrated shows that despite the change involved, the new system is being well received.
84% of staff either 'Love it' or think 'It's grand'. 
DCU Apps Survey
These results are extremely positive given that we have been using programs such as Thunderbird and Outlook for over thirteen years.
We would expect these statistics to improve even further as familiarity with all the features and benefits of working with the new system become fully apparent. 


In conjunction with our colleagues in Training and Development (HR), ISS will be offering classroom based training on the new e-mail system during semester in DCU - details will be released soon.
Staff in the linked colleges can avail of training through your local IT department.
For those who prefer to use online materials and/or the integrated training tool, please see our training page:

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