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Posted by [ISS] Justin Doyle on 21 August 2013 09:13 PM

Staying secure in the digital world these days requires constant awareness and vigilance. E-mail phishing attacks and identity theft are now very common.

The 'Last Account Activity' feature in your new DCU Apps e-mail makes it very easy to monitor recent connections to your DCU e-mail account. This will enable you to check for any unauthorised access to your e-mail account.

In your DCU Apps e-mail scroll to the bottom of your inbox e-mail list. Click the 'Details' link below the 'Last account activity' line. This link provides information on the recent activity on your e-mail account. 

Last Account Activity details

Last Account Activity

This information is fully explained on this last account activity page. In brief, you can view all recent connections to your account and the location they came from as below. You also have control to disconnect all other active sessions connected to your account if you wish.

Last Account Activity Sign Out

Never Share Your Password

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to keep your DCU password safe and private at all times. Never respond to e-mails seeking your password or personal details.

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