Posted by [ISS] Niall Spollen on 11 November 2019 10:49 AM

An inbox can quickly get out of hand when inundated with spammy email. Instead of deleting the spam that makes it to your Gmail inbox, report it so that you see less spam in the future.

Reporting Spam Strengthens Your Gmail Spam Filter

The more spam you teach Gmail to recognise, the less spam you get in your inbox. You help Gmail's Spam filter learn by showing it the Spam that made it to your inbox.

Reporting spam is easy and not only rids you of similar junk in the future but also purges the offending message immediately.

There are 2 ways to report spam email from within Gmail as highlighted in the image below. 

  1. Option 1
      Click the "Report Spam" button (looks like an exclamation mark inside a stop sign) in the top toolbar to move that message into your spam folder. This helps teach Gmail to treat such messages as spam in the future.
  2. Option 2
    • Click on the drop-down burger menu, circled in red on the right of the page.
    • When the menu expands, click on the Report Phishing option.
    • This will automatically report the instance of Phishing to Google.

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