Posted by [ISS] Niall Spollen on 15 December 2015 09:14 AM

ISS provide a WiFi network in DCU to provide connectivity for phones, tablets and laptops - what you may not know is that not all WiFi devices you purchase to use with this network are created equal! 

This applies not just in DCU, but on any modern WiFi network. The important thing to remember is that WiFi devices should be capable of using the 5GHz band. These devices can be identified by support for the standards 802.11a and/or 802.11ac.

As ISS refresh the wireless network across all university campuses, we will be adding additional capabilities that will only be available on the 5GHz spectrum. 

ISS strongly recommend that any devices you purchase support this standard. All devices purchased through the DCU laptop procurement process are dual-band capable. You may find that cheaper devices do not support 5GHz. 

The money saved in purchasing one of these devices is false economy. You may have to replace the device or add on an external USB WiFi dongle which is 5GHz capable in order to avail of future capabilities.

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