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Posted by [ISS] Stephen Cahill on 13 July 2015 03:21 PM

Changes to DCU staff e-mail list

Members of the DCU Staff email list ( can now control receipt of emails posted to it

This list has been copied and moved to a Google Group, which means the following for DCU Staff:

  1. You can now "opt out" of receiving mail as a member of the list (no email).
  2. You can configure receipt and other settings via the "Groups" icon when logged into your DCU email.
  3. Membership of this list = all DCU staff email addresses + all GENERIC (e.g. addresses
  4. ISS recommends that you select "no email" for all generic email addresses.
  5. Generic accounts can still post email to the list.

This video quickly explains how to do this in a couple of mouse clicks!