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Posted by [ISS] Ian Spillane on 03 October 2014 05:27 PM

SPSS Updates

SPSS Version 22 UpgradeSPSS

SPSS version 19 is no longer available to use on DCU staff computers. You are now required to upgrade to either version 21 or 22, ISS recommend using version 22.

The SPSS version 22 bundle can be installed through Zenworks, please see the following link for information on how to install software bundles on your computer through Zenworks;

Files that were created in version 19 of SPSS are fully compatible with higher versions of SPSS such as 21 and 22.

Once you have installed SPSS version 22, all files will now open automatically in this version. SPSS version 19 will remain installed on your computer but you should ignore it as version 19 will automatically uninstall from DCU staff computers in the coming month.

How to View SPSS Version 15 Files

Older SPSS files that were created in version 15 and lower are not compatible and require the installation of an SPSS legacy viewer to open. This legacy viewer is also available to install on staff computers through Zenworks. The following article explains more about SPSS legacy files;