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New DCU E-mail Security Feature: Last Account Activity
Posted by [ISS] Justin Doyle on 21 August 2013 09:13 PM

Staying secure in the digital world these days requires constant awareness and vigilance. E-mail phishing attacks and identity theft are now very common.

The 'Last Account Activity' feature in your new DCU Apps e-mail makes it very easy to monitor recent connections to your DCU e-mail account. This will enable you to check for any unauthorised access to your e-mail account.

In your DCU Apps e-mail scroll to the bottom of your inbox e-mail list. Click the 'Details' link below the 'Last account activity' line. This link provides information on the recent activity on your e-mail account. 

Last Account Activity details

Last Account Activity

This information is fully explained on this last account activity page. In brief, you can view all recent connections to your account and the location they came from as below. You also have control to disconnect all other active sessions connected to your account if you wish.

Last Account Activity Sign Out

Never Share Your Password

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you to keep your DCU password safe and private at all times. Never respond to e-mails seeking your password or personal details.

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How and why was DCU Apps e-mail chosen ?
Posted by [ISS] Justin Doyle on 15 August 2013 08:18 PM

The recent DCU e-zine article covers these questions and more:

Email Review Group

An e-mail review group was formed in 2012 and tasked with making a recommendation to Executive on a new e-mail platform for the university. Deans from the various faculties were asked to nominate members to the group which would represent lecturers, researchers and administration staff. The group was chaired by a member of staff from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing. A pilot of alternative platforms was carried out, and 'Google Apps for Education' was recommended to Executive as the most suitable e-mail platform. 

Google Apps for Education Agreement

On foot of one of the group's recommendations, the University's legal advisers were consulted in relation to the proposed contract with Google.  DCU Apps e-mail is based on the Google Apps for Education offering rather than the standard 'consumer Gmail' service. There are some key differences between the terms and conditions for the use of consumer Gmail and for the use of Google Apps for Education. The new DCU Apps e-mail service is provided under the 'Google Apps for Education Agreement' whereas the use of standard 'Gmail' is covered by the standard 'Google Terms of Service'. 

Data Ownership

The primary difference between the two sets of terms and conditions relates to data ownership. Under the University's contract with Google, DCU retain ownership of all data which reside in a defined core set of applications. This core set of applications are listed on the main DCU Apps information page. Importantly, e-mail is included in this core set. All data in this core set of applications are covered by Irish data protection laws and guidelines.

Based on the information above the DCU Apps e-mail platform was approved by Executive on February 26th, 2013.

Encryption of Sensitive Information

The sharing of sensitive information by e-mail is addressed on the main DCU Apps information page. It came to light during the e-mail review group meetings that there is a general assumption that e-mail is a secure mode of communication. This is generally not the case, regardless of the e-mail provider. E-mails travel across the internet in clear text. These e-mails may be intercepted at any stage on their journey and easily read. If you need to send very sensitive information by e-mail, ISS recommend encrypting the documents before sending. Please see this encryption page for details.

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DCU Apps E-mail - Improved Spam and Virus Filtering
Posted by [ISS] Justin Doyle on 08 August 2013 06:33 PM
The old DCU spam system was installed a number of years ago. You will have noticed that it has become less effective in filtering spam from your old e-mail account as time has passed.


New Improved Spam System
DCU Apps e-mail uses Google's inbuilt spam filtering which is one of the best systems available today. This excellent service filters your spam messages into a 'Spam' folder/label in your new DCU Apps e-mail account.


Further information is available online:


Virus Scanning
Cutting edge virus detection is also built into the new e-mail system to protect your computer and your data. Executable attachments are not permitted, for added security. If using the Chrome browser, you will also enjoy added protection against phishing and malware, while browsing websites.


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What DCU Apps E-mail Users Say ..
Posted by [ISS] Justin Doyle on 07 August 2013 10:05 PM
We recently sent out a very short survey to those who had already moved to the new DCU Apps e-mail system. There are now over 500 accounts migrated.

I would like to thank everyone who provided feedback during the survey. This has helped us to improve the process even further for your colleagues who have yet to migrate.

Questions Asked 
  1. Please rate your overall experience of the DCU Apps mail migration process. (Score 1-10)
  2. Why did you give this rating? (Text answer)

Scores (Q1)

22% scored a maximum 10
45% scored a 9 or 10
87% scored 5 or more

Sample Responses (Q2)

"Easy to move, clear instructions, good training materials. New system is a great improvement with intuitive functionality. Thanks very much  ..." (Score 10)

"Simple easy to follow instructions. Everything worked as it was supposed to. Communication throughout process via email was a nice feature." (Score 9)

"The instructions were very clear and the process was very rapid. I guess as I was new, I had not really built anything much up in my email, although as an Outlook user I was surprised how quickly I adapted to using the new Apps Mail." (Score 8)

"The migration process was relatively painless! The step by step guide to the migration was very helpful and easy to follow ..." (Score 8)

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