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How do I log in to Drupal
Posted by on 15 January 2013 12:26 PM

Drupal is the web content management system used at DCU. Any user with DCU account will automatically have access to the Drupal system also. Users do not need to request access through ISS.

DCU staff will need to log in to Drupal to edit pages on their department's website, or to access certain restricted pages on the DCU website. DCU students may also be required to log in to Drupal to access pages which are restricted to DCU users.

Where do I log in?

To log in to Drupal, go to You will then see a page like the one below:

Drupal Login PageDrupal Login Page

You may also see a similar box to the one above right if you are trying to access a restricted page on the DCU website.

To log in, enter your DCU username and password into the Username and Password fields and click Log in.

Where to next?

If you are logging in to access a restricted page, you will be redirected to that page automatically. If you do not have permission to access the restricted page, you may get an Access denied message.

If you are logging in to edit a page on the DCU website, you may see also initially see an Access denied page like the one below:

Drupal page after logging in

Don't worry about the "Access denied" message - if you see the black bar and home icon at the top of your screen, you have logged in successfully.

Other Notes

ISS recommends using the Google Chrome browser for editing content on Drupal. Users have been known to experience issues with copying and pasting information whilst using Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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